University Challenge - The Professionals - 2008

The fifth series began on March 31 and ended on April 23 2008, with shows broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00. There were only five first-round matches, with the four highest-scoring teams qualifying for the semi-finals, regardless of whether they won or lost.

First round
31/03/2008Faculty of Advocates165190Hospital Consultants
01/04/2008Ministry of Justice215100Comedians
07/04/2008Society of Authors70250National Physical Laboratory
08/04/2008Royal Academy of Engineers160180Lute Society
14/04/2008Salisbury Cathedral21080Rocket Scientists
15/04/2008National Physical Laboratory180145Hospital Consultants
21/04/2008Ministry of Justice265120Salisbury Cathedral
22/04/2008National Physical Laboratory130245Ministry of Justice

The 2008 winners from the Ministry of Justice comprised Andrew Frazer, Rob Linham, George Godyn, and Nigel Black and were presented with their individual trophies by Baroness Amos, the first black woman to serve in the British Cabinet. Rob Linham was a member of the St John's College, Oxford team that were defeated in the 2001 final.