University Challenge - The Professionals - 2003

Here are the results of the first ever series of University Challenge featuring teams representing an occupation, and not an academic institution, and thus for the first time opening its doors to non-students. The series was shown on Mondays 8/8:30pm on BBC2, between the 7th April and 8th September 2003. Unlike the student series, only the top eight highest-scoring winners qualified for the quarter finals, becoming a straight knockout from then on.

First round
07/04/2003Cabinet Office120150TUC
14/04/2003Royal Society13570Royal Institute of British Architects
28/04/2003British Geological Survey120145Royal Air Force
12/05/2003General Practitioners85160British Dental Association
09/06/2003House of Commons25215Journalists
16/06/2003British Veterinary Association30215Royal Meteorological Society
23/06/2003Fine Art Auctioneers155115Psychiatrists
30/06/2003Women's Institute15035Royal Naval College
07/07/2003Inland Revenue27095College of Arms
21/07/2003Journalists165130Fine Art Auctioneers
28/07/2003Royal Meteorological Society180125Women's Institute
11/08/2003Inland Revenue280105British Dental Association
18/08/2003Journalists100115Royal Meteorological Society
01/09/2003TUC95310Inland Revenue
08/09/2003Royal Meteorological Society110145Inland Revenue

The first series of UC The Professionals was won by the Inland Revenue consisting of Terry Cook, Allana Sheil, David Edney, and Richard Thomas, and were each presented with a flat, framed replica trophy by Mo Mowlam.

Teams that progressed to the next round are shown in bold.