Oxford Nobelists

Here are the 25 Nobel Prizewinners who attended Cambridge University that I have found during my research. Only included are those who actually attended as students; there are several more not included on the list here who only came to Oxford as Professors or Dons, and see Oxford's own list for more information. For more information on any of the Laureates, see the Nobel Archive

Laureate College Prize Year
Frederick Soddy Merton Che 1921
John Galsworthy New Lit 1932
Edgar Gascoyne University Pea 1937
Howard Florey Magdalen Med 1945
TS Eliot Merton Lit 1948
Cyril Hinshelwood Balliol Che 1956
Alexander Todd Oriel Che 1957
Lester Pearson St John's Pea 1957
Peter Medawar Magdalen Med 1960
John Eccles Magdalen Med 1963
Dorothy Hodgkin Somerville Che 1964
John Hicks Balliol Eco 1972
Martin Ryle Christ Church Phy 1974
John Cornforth St Catherine'sChe 1975
Baruch Blumberg Balliol Med 1976
James Meade Oriel Eco 1977
Lawrence Klein Lincoln Eco 1980
John Vane St Catherine'sMed 1982
William Golding Brasenose Lit 1983
Aung Suu Kyi St Hugh's Pea 1991
John Walker St Catherine'sChe 1997
VS Naipaul University Lit 2001
Michael Spence Magdalen Eco 2001
Sydney Brenner Exeter Med 2002
Oliver Smithies Balliol Med 2007

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