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St Mary Magdalene

Also referred to as St Mary Magdalen.

Printing 1-100 of 226 churches.

St Mary MagdaleneBarwickSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneChewton MendipSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneClatworthySomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneCricket MalherbieSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneDitcheatSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneExfordSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneGreat ElmSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneKeinton MandevilleSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary Magdalene LangridgeLangridgeSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneSparkfordSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneStocklandSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdalenStocklinchSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneStowellSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneTauntonSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneUpton NobleSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneWinsfordSomersetBath & Wells
St Mary MagdaleneWithiel FloreySomersetBath & Wells
St Mary Magdalene, Wookey HoleWookey HoleSomersetBath & Wells
Hazelwell Church:St Mary Magdalen CoE/Hazelwell MethodistHazelwellWest MidlandsBirmingham
St Mary MagdaleneShirleyWest MidlandsBirmingham
St Mary MagdaleneTanworth-in-ArdenWest MidlandsBirmingham
St Mary MagdalenAccringtonLancashireBlackburn
St Mary MagdaleneClitheroeLancashireBlackburn
St Mary MagdaleneRibbletonLancashireBlackburn
St Mary MagdaleneHullavingtonWiltshireBristol
St Mary Magdalene w St FrancisLockleazeBristolBristol
St Mary MagdaleneSouth MarstonWiltshireBristol
St Mary MagdaleneStoke BishopAvonBristol
St Mary MagdaleneTormartonGloucestershireBristol
St Mary MagdaleneDentonKentCanterbury
St Mary Magdalene w St Lawrence, DavingtonFavershamKentCanterbury
St Mary MagdaleneMonktonKentCanterbury
St Mary MagdaleneRuckingeKentCanterbury
St Mary MagdaleneStockburyKentCanterbury
Broughton-in-Furness: St Mary MagdaleneBroughton-in-FurnessCumbriaCarlisle
St Mary MagdaleneGilslandCumbriaCarlisle
St Mary MagdaleneHaytonCumbriaCarlisle
St Mary MagdaleneLanercostCumbriaCarlisle
Billericay: St Mary MagdalenBillericayEssexChelmsford
East Ham: St Mary MagdaleneEast HamGreater LondonChelmsford
Frinton: St Mary MagdalenFrinton-on-SeaEssexChelmsford
Great Burstead: St Mary MagdaleneGreat BursteadEssexChelmsford
Harlow: St Mary MagdaleneHarlowEssexChelmsford
Magdalen Laver: St Mary MagdalenMagdalen LaverEssexChelmsford
Thorrington: St Mary MagdalenThorringtonEssexChelmsford
North Ockendon: St Mary MagdaleneUpminsterGreater LondonChelmsford
Wethersfield: St Mary MagdaleneWethersfieldEssexChelmsford
St Mary MagdaleneAlsagerCheshireChester
St Mary MagdaleneAppletonCheshireChester
St Mary MagdaleneAshton-upon-MerseyCheshireChester
St Mary MagdaleneBewbushWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneBolneyWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdalenColdean, BrightonEast SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneCowdenKentChichester
St Mary MagdaleneLyminsterWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneMadehurstWest SussexChichester
St Mary Magdalene & St DenysMidhurstWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneRusperWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneSouth BerstedWest SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneWartlingEast SussexChichester
St Mary MagdaleneWhatlingtonEast SussexChichester
Coventry - St. Mary Magdalen, ChapelfieldsCoventryWest MidlandsCoventry
St Mary MagdalenGreat AlneWarwickshireCoventry
Lillington - St. Mary MagdaleneLillingtonWarwickshireCoventry
Caludon Team Ministry Wyken - St. Mary MagdaleneWykenWest MidlandsCoventry
St Mary MagdaleneCreswellDerbyshireDerby
Belmont: St Mary MagdaleneBelmontDurhamDurham
St Mary MagdaleneBillinghamClevelandDurham
St Mary MagdaleneHartlepoolClevelandDurham
St Mary MagdaleneMedomsleyDurhamDurham
St Mary MagdaleneMillfieldTyne and WearDurham
St Mary MagdaleneTrimdonDurhamDurham
Brampton: St Mary MagdaleneBramptonCambridgeshireEly
St Peter & St Mary MagdaleneFordhamCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneGuyhirnCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneHiltonCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneIckletonCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneMadingleyCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneStiltonCambridgeshireEly
St Mary MagdaleneWarboysCambridgeshireEly
Wiggenhall St Mary MagdaleneWiggenhall St Mary MagdalenNorfolkEly
Saint Peter and Saint Mary MagdaleneBarnstapleDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneChulmleighDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneCroydeDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneHuntshawDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneMonktonDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneMortehoeDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneSouth MoltonDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneStoke CanonDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneTaddiportDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneTorquayDevonExeter
St Mary MagdaleneAdlestropGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneBauntonGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneBoddingtonGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneElmstone HardwickeGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneHewelsfieldGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneRodboroughGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneSherborneGloucestershireGloucester
St Mary MagdaleneTwyningGloucestershireGloucester
Ripley: St Mary MagdalenRipleySurreyGuildford

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