Church of England Saint dedications

This page began as an attempt to answer a question posed by my mother-in-law at the St Albans Pilgrimage, in which a parade of 12-foot puppets heads to the cathedral to recreate the death of St Alban. As part of the parade there were representatives from seven or eight churches dedicated to St Alban from around the country, and I was posed the question of how many churches are there dedicated to St Alban, are they all near St Albans itself? I found no easy way to give the answer, and so created this page to count church dedications and to give details on where they are.

According to The Church of England's website, achurchnearyou, as of 2016 there were 16139 Anglican churches in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man most of which are dedicated to one or more saints. Some churches have since closed, but I've kept them in the lists below, generally indicated by not having a link. (Their site actually claimed 16500, but contained a lot of repeats!)

To find a list of saints or dedications matching a particular prefix (eg St Al, Holy or Christ) enter it into the search box. To then list the churches with that dedication click on a saint's name. Where possible, the saints also have a link to the relevant Wikipedia article; click on the small 'W' icon.

Churches that are dedicated to more than one saint are added to the count for each of those saints. For interest, the top pairings of dedications are St Peter & St Paul (299), St Mary & All Saints (38), St Philip & St James (34), St Peter & St Mary (15), St Simon & St Jude (13).

Note that many saints are known by a number of names. In some cases I have merged these (eg St Edburg, St Eadburga and St Eadburgha are all listed in the results under St Edburga, or St Luke the Evangelist under St Luke), whereas in others I have kept them separate (eg St Mary, St Mary the Virgin, The Blessed Virgin Mary, etc, meaning 2369 churches are dedicated to St Mary in total) so that the actual wording of the dedication is clear. In other cases the name is ambiguous; the churches dedicated to "St James" will be mostly meaning "St James the Great" but some may mean "St James the Less", and all three are given separate entries in the results.

See also: Stats on multi-parish benefices.

Most common dedications:

Enter the first few characters of a dedication (eg St Al or Chri):

Printing 1-100 of 446 dedications.

1St Mary1516
2All Saints1425
3St Peter1327
4St Michael816
5St Andrew801
6St Mary the Virgin715
7St Paul667
8Holy Trinity578
9St John the Baptist573
10St James466
11St Nicholas436
12Christ Church392
13St John the Evangelist351
14St John288
15St Lawrence245
16St George243
17St Luke242
18St Margaret235
19St Mary Magdalene226
20St Mark179
20St Martin179
22St Bartholomew178
22St Thomas178
24St Leonard174
25St Giles160
26St Matthew145
26St Stephen145
28St Barnabas139
29St Helen121
30St Cuthbert106
31St Anne103
32Holy Cross94
33St Philip92
34Blessed Virgin Mary91
35St Francis of Assisi87
36St Oswald83
37St Chad82
38St Saviour80
39St James the Great79
40St Edmund78
41St Catherine70
42St Thomas a Becket69
44Good Shepherd62
45St Wilfrid60
46St Botolph59
47St Swithin56
48St Augustine55
49St Aidan53
50St Alban52
52St Clement47
53All Hallows42
54St Hilda40
55St Christopher38
56St Jude37
57St Denys33
57St Faith33
57St Margaret of Antioch33
60St Gabriel29
60St Gregory29
62St David26
63St James the Less25
64St Columba24
65All Souls22
65Holy Spirit22
65St Hugh22
69St Dunstan21
69St Petroc21
72Holy Rood19
72St Simon19
74Christ the King18
74Holy Innocents18
74St Richard18
77Our Lady17
77St Agnes17
77St Augustine of Canterbury17
77St Benedict17
77St Edith17
82St Katharine16
83St Mary the Blessed Virgin16
83St Matthias16
85St Martin of Tours15
86St Bridget14
86St Ethelbert14
86St Pancras14
86St Patrick14
90St Bede13
90St Boniface13
90St Edward13
93St Edward the Confessor12
96St Aldhelm11
96St Etheldreda11
96St Olaf11
99St Mungo10

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